Mission and Values

Mission and Values

Mission Statement

In the Franciscan tradition, Franciscan Shore strives to provide and offer superior services to older adults in an assisted living setting, creating a home-like environment, honoring their wishes, maintaining their dignity, and respecting their rights.


Franciscan Shore promotes a high quality of life for all residents based on the following values:

  • Providing hospitality and service for all members of the community and their significant others
  • Fostering a climate of compassion, peace, support, and trust
  • Respecting the value of human and natural resources.

Our service is guided by the following concepts:

  • Advocate for the underserved and vulnerable
  • Aging-in-place with grace
  • Collaboration
  • Compassion for all
  • Whole-person/person-directed service.

The Franciscan Shore Logo

The Franciscan Shore logo features a Franciscan Tau cross that sweeps upward to form an open heart. The waves signify our proximity to Lake Michigan and the Franciscan belief in care for all creation. The logo also represents the Trinity: God the Father (the open heart); God the Son (the cross); and the Spirit (water).

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